Catherine C.

Five months ago I suffered a major motorcycle accident, and broke 12 bones, including my neck and back, and my humaris was in about 8 pieces. I still have the plates and screws in, though hopefully they'll be coming out soon. After months in the hospital, in a cervical collar and sling, my arm had completely frozen up, including my fingers and hand. Dr Hong is the largest reason I have use of my hand and arm mostly restored... I'm typing this! Kaiser PT left much to be desired, so it was massage therapy, acupuncture, and ART and MRT and chiropractic care that has been the basis of my recover. I cannot thank you enough, Dr. Hong!!! Dr. Kim has been a huge part of my healing, including healing my spirit. This was my first exposure to both acupuncture and chiropractic, and I'm eternally grateful to my friend, Marguerite, who referred me to these two very fine doctors.