Patient Testimonials

Dr. Soo is thorough, wise and warm. I went in for help with migraines and felt a decrease in intensity almost immediately. After about 6 weeks, they were gone. This is longest I’ve gone without a migraine in 20 years! I would highly recommend ReNuMi for anyone looking for migraine relief, stress management or for immune system support.

Coty G.

Re Nu Mi Ctr is a wonderful group of caring, knowledgeable health practitioners who are dedicated to helping people live in wellness. I have gone there for years.

Barbara R.

I’ve been going to Dr Kim & Dr Soo for about 10 years off & on with my active lifestyle pains & ailments. Their compassionate care heals me in many ways & truly lifts me up. Recently going thru tonsilar/throat cancer treatment (chemo/radiation) – my weekly treatments at ReNuMi have been critical towards the healing process & keeping me strong. Nothing better than moxa & cupping to end the session. 100% convinced their the western with eastern medicine approach is the right game plan! Big hugs to them both!

Thomas G.

The office is calming and peaceful. The staff is kind and genuine…
Just met Dr Kim over the weekend and already I am confident I have found a true healer. Dr Kim takes his time to understand what exactly you are going through and thoughtfully facilitates a treatment plan that will bring deep and permanent healing. He is a master of energy movement with a spiritual depth that nurtures your soul.
Rest assured, when you step into ReNuMi, you are in a safe place, surrounded by people who care and want the best for you.
Looking forward to embarking on my new wellness plan!

Sunshine T.

Amazing. Everything about ReNuMi is just that – amazing. The doctors, the staff, the space, the service. Honestly, going to regular acupuncture here has changed my life, emotionally and physically. I’m super grateful I found it and can not recommend ReNuMi highly enough! 🙂

Kelly S.

Dr. Kim and the entire ReNuMi staff are beyond spectacular. ReNuMi wellness center has improved every aspect of my life including mind, body and spirit. Treatments have benefited my overall health and appearance. His facials have exceeded my wildest imagination. The energy of the whole office radiates. Dr. Kim’s treatment has a physical and spiritual depth that I truly believe leads to long lasting and permanent healing unlike any other.

Joanna G.

This place is amazing. Dr. Kim plan of wellness when applied in all aspects has completely turned my life around. The office is beautiful and clean, the staff are focused, helpful, and friendly. I recommend following your acupuncture treatment with a massage. I start every weekend at Re Nu Mi.

Lee W.

I have suffered for 25 years. I was hit by a drunk driver which fractured my hip in 6 places, and kidney and blatter damage, multiple fused nerves, hematomas. I have had total hip and partial femur replacement which doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to do certain things with my new hip and femur, after surgery I was still in sever pain and was heavily self medicating. A friend told me about Dr. Kim at Re Nu Mi and I made the appointment that after the first treatment I felt immediate effect on my leg and entire body. The staff that assist with Dr. Kim are amazing and super friendly and what a awesome vibe. I would recommend you to stop being your bodies victim and be your bodies victor.

Scott T.

I love Re Nu Mi Wellness Center A friend referred me to Dr. Kim years ago after I shared with her some struggles I had with daily stress and anxiety part of which dealt with taking care of my mom who was going through treatment for Leukemia. Little did I know I would experience true relaxation( which I didn’t know existed) advice and tools I could use in my life on a daily basis, not to mention relief from sore muscles and so much more.The office is comfortable and the staff is kind and friendly. Dr. Kim is a wonderful man, kind, caring, and very intuitive. This is the type of care we all need.

Kristy B.

Dr. Kim and his staff are awesome. I can’t rave enough about the care I’ve received at ReNuMi over the past year and a half. I’ve been treated for symptoms including depression, back and neck pain and even face wrinkles. Dr. Kim can do it all. He’s very intuitive about whatever is going on in your life and truly cares about his patients. He even invites patients to his house for meditation classes. I’ve referred many friends to ReNuMi and I highly recommend that you give them a shot!

Katie K.

Daily headaches and desperation for relief pointed me to ReNuMi Wellness Center. This step changed my life – Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. Headache / stress treatments put me in control of my life to the point where it all makes sense. No magic needles or supplements but an understanding of balance, of Ying – Yang, of who I am and who I’m not. The staff at ReNuMi shares this same balance. The answers are clearly within us and ReNuMi helps to understand the questions.that really matter. Removing the physical and mental clutter within lets our spirit lead and when this happens we naturally become healthier and happier. We are balanced.

Ron N.

I came in with a sore foot and chronic cough. After a very short time my ailments were remedied. The staff is great! Now I go for monthly deep tissue massages, ask for Arlene. Dr Kim is very knowledgeable and funny, his years of expetise really shows. Also try meditation, it helped with my temper.

Leeann H.

I started going to Dr. Kim several months ago for chronic knee pain and acute foot pain. He started me on a plan to improve my overall health and to work on the joint pain. My foot pain is completely gone, and my knee is so much better! I am much healthier, have lost over 25 pounds, have great energy, and am much happier with myself. I now alternate with Dr. Kim for acupuncture and cupping, and Dr. Ernest for MRT. Some days, after treatment, I feel extremely relaxed and stress-free. Other days I just feel great overall, especially my knee. My quality of life as a newly turned 70 year old is so much better than I ever expected at my age.

Jackie L.

Five months ago I suffered a major motorcycle accident, and broke 12 bones, including my neck and back, and my humaris was in about 8 pieces. I still have the plates and screws in, though hopefully they’ll be coming out soon. After months in the hospital, in a cervical collar and sling, my arm had completely frozen up, including my fingers and hand. Dr. Kim has been a huge part of my healing, including healing my spirit. This was my first exposure to both acupuncture and Active Release Technique Therapy(ART), and I’m eternally grateful to my friend, Marguerite, who referred me to these two very fine doctors. Dr Hong is the largest reason I have use of my hand and arm mostly restored… I’m typing this! Kaiser PT left much to be desired, so it was massage therapy, acupuncture, and ART care that has been the basis of my recover.

Catherine C.