“In Touch”

Our Sedona Retreat will give you the opportunity to get better “In Touch” with yourself and others without the distractions of everyday life. This Spiritual Journey promotes healing, growth empowerment and enrichment” Providing you with lasting results and memories that are positive and profound.Since June of 1997, Dr. John J. Kim, L.Ac., Ph.D. has been leading the retreat with the goal of heightening spiritual awareness, increasing physical strength and mobility, and building stronger bonds. Dr. Kim realized over the past years the positive impact this experience has in fostering strong bonds of friendship through the “team” oriented atmosphere.

What is Retreat?

A retreat is an opportunity to withdraw from our normal routine and our stressful lives. It gives us a chance to refresh ourselves, address deeper issues in our lives, and possibly gain a new perspective on what our life is about. Set your intent for this retreat. Why did you come on this retreat? Setting your intent (i.e., a certain issue you want clarity on, health concerns, family concerns, etc.) will make the retreat much more powerful.

In keeping with Re Nu Mi Wellness Center’s theme of “promoting, physical health, emotional balance and a healthy life style”, we would like to extend to you the opportunity to join us on a unique spiritual retreat to Sedona, Arizona.