Therapeutic Massage

Massage Therapy is the relaxation, revival, and renewal of the mind, body and spirit through the power of touch.

In both Eastern and Western medicine, massage is considered a valuable healing modality. The gift of touch is powerful. At Re Nu Mi, we bring the tranquil setting of a spa and the gift of touch to our patients, creating a calming and peaceful space for healing.

Whether the goal is to enjoy a soothing, relaxation massage or alleviate postural dysfunction in the body, our massage therapy session is focused on specific goals based on the patient’s treatment plan. The benefits of massage therapy is commonly overlooked due to negative experiences for the patient.

At Re Nu Mi, our massage therapy sessions are specifically focused on the patient’s needs ranging from neuromuscular deficits, muscle spams, to deep relaxation sessions. We believe that with the correct focus and intention, patients can greatly benefit from massage therapy. As each individual has their own needs, sessions may be for routine maintenance, prevention or as often as needed to maintain health and wellness.