About Re Nu Mi Wellness Center

Re Nu Mi Wellness Center offers Traditional Asian Medicine integrated with modern scientific analysis and technology. We are always striving to offer the most effective and accurate up to date treatments. The philosophy and methods of Re Nu Mi’s Traditional Medicine practitioners are seeking to treat both common ailments and complex conditions by using natural and holistic pathways. We aim to address and solve the root of the problem and provide preventive care that helps avoid progression into more severe illnesses.

Re Nu Mi is also dedicated to enriching our community. In addition to services, we have offered complimentary meditation classes to the public for over a decade, taking our patients on a weekend long retreat to healing grounds Sedona, Arizona.

Our mission at Re Nu Mi Wellness Center is to empower the healing capacity of the human spirit. This is achieved by ReNuing each individual’s lifestyle, integrating holistic medicine, inspiring self love, and creating a culture of compassion to allow each person to reach their goals of optimal health and wellness.

“To empower each individual with the ability to establish balance and cultivate compassion and a positive outlook in daily life. -Love yourself, love others-“