Ganhwa Seon (Zen Meditation) – Illuminating the mind September 20th ~ 26th, 2016

What is Ganhwa Seon (Zen)?
Ganhwa Seon, the “Zen of examining a meditative topic,” is a special type of Buddhist practice specifically designed to generate sudden enlightenment. An experienced Zen master gives students a hwadu, or meditative “topic,” that will arouse genuine questioning, or “doubt.” As a student’s inquiry into this hwadu deepens, the hwadu and one’s thoughts coalesce into a single point, so that the doubt generated regarding the hwadu becomes an existential question about the true nature of one’s own self. When the doubt becomes uninterrupted during both activity and stillness, the student realizes that the karmic consciousness of ignorance is inherently empty and breaks through the barrier of birth and death. In this way Ganhwa Seon leads students to resolve quickly and easily the great question of life itself.

1. Retreat Period: 7 days, all day, every day
September 20th (Tues) through 26th (Mon)

2. Place : Dr. John Kim’s Residence: 816 N. Juanita Ave., Unit A, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

(Students have the option of staying over @ the residence to continue practice through the evening)

3. Teacher : Zen Master Subul Sunim

4. Who Can Apply : Anyone with a sincere interest in practicing Ganhwa Seon

5. Apply Now – September 1, 2016

6. Fee : All-inclusive fee for this breakthrough experience is $500 (covers everything, sleeping space and all meals!)

Please write a check to Kelleen Green [mail to Dr. Kim’s residence]

7. Contact Point : christinefontana07@gmail.com

8. Schedule : Subul Sunim will give a daily talk each day @ 9:30am

* the 1st day, September 20 @ 9:30am, Receive Hwadu from Zen Master
* the 7th day, September 26, Closing by Zen Master