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Patient Testimonials

I can’t say enough about Dr. Kim and Dr. Ernest. I was beyond stressed out and out of balance and had the beginnings of terrible TMJ. I did the rounds of dentists and TMJ specialist and it dawned on me that this is a holistic problem, and I should go see an acupuncturist. Dr. Kim had me de-stressing and my jaw feeling 1000 times better within a week and then after a month I started working with his son who is an excellent chiropractor-and over the next several months I was feeling so much better! I’m back to myself again and will keep working with them for maintenance.
They are true healers, implementing and practicing eastern and western medicines. They really know their work and their staff is lovely and warm.

Susan A. – Hermosa Beach

I started going to Dr. Kim several months ago for chronic knee pain and acute foot pain. He started me on a plan to improve my overall health and to work on the joint pain. My foot pain is completely gone, and my knee is so much better! I am much healthier, have lost over 25 pounds, have great energy, and am much happier with myself. I now alternate with Dr. Kim for acupuncture and cupping, and Dr. Ernest for MRT. Some days, after treatment, I feel extremely relaxed and stress-free. Other days I just feel great overall, especially my knee. My quality of life as a newly turned 70 year old is so much better than I ever expected at my age.

Jackie L. – Manhattan Beach

Dr. Kim and his staff are awesome. I can’t rave enough about the care I’ve received at ReNuMi over the past year and a half. I’ve been treated for symptoms including depression, back and neck pain and even face wrinkles. Dr. Kim can do it all. He’s very intuitive about whatever is going on in your life and truly cares about his patients. He even invites patients to his house for meditation classes.

Katie K. – Redondo Beach

I came in with a sore foot and chronic cough. After a very short time my ailments were remedied. The staff is great! Now I go for monthly deep tissue massages, ask for Arlene. Dr Kim is very knowledgeable and funny, his years of expetise really shows. Also try meditation, it helped with my temper.

Leanne H. – Redondo Beach

He is approaching my treatment from a whole person mind, body, spirit perspective.  Since I’ve been in treatment with him I feel happier, more grounded, more able to manage my life with joy and purpose and the sleep issues are becoming more defined and clear to me.  We are still working on it but I feel so much better.  He’s a compassionate, deeply perceptive Healer!  Thank you, Dr Kim.

Joanne D. – San Pedro